Staff Spotlight: Danielle Puccini

Staff Spotlight: Danielle Puccini

Danielle Puccini has lent her many talents to the Eye’s Gallery for more than 10 years.  Beyond her everyday duties at the gallery, she has modeled for our website and etsy site, designed displays, and assisted in buying endeavors.  This past fall, Danielle curated Eye’s Gallery first annual Day of the Dead show, which you can take a look at here.


As an artist, Danielle enjoys sculpting miniatures out of sculpy clay and incorporating them into themed dioramas. She has a special interest in the symbolism of Early Christian art and the emblem imagery of Northern Baroque art.

daniellepersonalDanielle recently earned her MFA in Interior Design from Moore College of Art, specializing in digital modeling software and photo-realistic renderings. She holds a B.F.A. from Tyler School of Art with her degree in Art History.

During her course of study at Moore, Danielle held internships at two prestigious museums in Philadelphia.  At the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Danielle worked with the Installation Design team.  At Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, she worked with the special exhibition team to design “Traditions Transformed- Folk Art of Joel Garcia” among other shows.

For more information on Danielle’s design and artwork, take a look at her website.



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