These imaginative and brilliantly colored figures are hand-carved and painted in tiny villages in the state of Oaxaca, home of the Zapotec Indians in Southern Mexico. Oaxacan (pronounced Wa-Haw-Ken) wood carvings are whimsical and enchanting art figures that have captivated collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

Unsigned, sold

Each figure is handmade from Copal wood from the hills surrounding the Oaxacan Valley using machetes and pocket knives. Artists carve the basic shape of a figure in a few days, then hand sand and meticulously paint each piece in great detail. It can take up to a full week to complete one figure.

By David Pablo, $150

The artists use fantasy and imagination in their painting to make the animals appear more alive.

By Joaquin Hernandez Vasquez, $48

Full of movement and humor, Oaxacan wood carving is an authentic folk art that knows only the boundaries of the imaginations of the carvers, for whom myth and magic are a major part of their daily life.

By David Blais, $48

Each carving is an original work of art and no two pieces are identical.

By Roberta Angeles, sold

There are limited supply of carvings available and it is possible that each piece may appreciate in value, as many of these figures have become collector’s items.

By Armando Ramirez, $36
Unsigned, $48

Here in Eye’s Gallery we have a large collection of these crazy, colorful and fun wooden carvings – both animals and fantasy creatures.