At Eye’s Gallery we carry folk art from all all over the world. From Latin America – Mexico, Guatemala, Peru… – to India, Tibet, and Africa – and more!

Our folk art home decor, furniture, tableware, instruments, sculptures, and other interesting objects are either new, handcrafted, and purchased via fair trade, or vintage and antique pieces with amazing personality, history, and gorgeous patina.

To inquire about availability, please call us at 215-925-0193 or follow us on Instagram for our most recent acquisitions.


The above images are glimpses into the interior of Eye’s Gallery – for specific folk art categories, view our CeramicsTextiles, Furniture, Masks, Oaxacan Carvings, Joel Garcia, and Frida Kahlo pages.

Visiting our Philadelphia store is much like a trip around the world. Browse our handpicked & curated items in a warm and wonderful, colorful, artistic atmosphere.