Ceramics is one of the most popular forms of Mexican folk art, and one of the most ancient. Pottery is found throughout the country, in many different styles and forms.


Villages often specialize in making certain types of pottery. In many areas of the country women might make the common ware like containers for food and liquids, and men the decorative pieces used for ceremonies, household decoration or for sale.

Our collection ranges from common everyday pottery (la coza corriente), to colorful animal and human figurines to large clay pieces. We have a sizable selection by famous artists such as Gorky Gonzalez, and Josefina Aguilar and her family, as well as black clay pottery and a variety of ceramic tiles.

 The tree of life (candelabra) is a popular form of art in Mexico. Shaped in the form of a tree, it is then crafted in great detail, the branches populated with figures, flowers, fruit, animals and other subject matter. Trees of life usually hold candles and are often placed as decorative objects at weddings, churches, funerals, and various special occasions.

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