We’ve started decorating Sugar Skulls! Also, don’t forget to sign up…

for master paper mache artist Joel Garcia‘s upcoming workshops.  The schedule this year is as follows:

Friday, October 26th 4-7 pm

Saturday, October 27th 12-3 pm and 4-7 pm

Sunday, October 28th 12-3 pm

Monday, October 29th 4-7 pm

Spaces are limited, so hurry and reserve yours! Please call the shop to reserve your space at 215-925-0193

For more info on Joel, look at our website page: https://www.eyesgallery.com/day-of-the-dead/joel-garcia-workshops/

And SUGAR SKULLS! YAY! Decorated by our expert designer, Karith Gingrow.  They’re only $5 each!  Full disclosure: I did the one with the pom-pom hair.  You know, the wonky one. ;)