Spring Style at Eye’s Gallery!

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The weather has warmed, soil is giving way to fresh blooms, and we are immersed in colorful styles and patterns echoing the beauty of spring! With looks ranging from hip and punky and urban bohemian to the cultural connoisseur and elegantly … Read More

New Pieces, Old Styles: An Eclectic Selection of Jewelry at Eye’s Gallery

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Here at Eye’s Gallery, we are always stocked with a gorgeous array of new and old styles, from faux tribal, to vintage and antique finds, specialty amber, to handmade Mexican silver.  Find the perfect piece to suit your mood and style, for … Read More

Spotlight on Jewelry: Fall 2013

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As always, we have a spectacular array of unique jewelry items, with new and interesting pieces coming in each day. We still have two cases from our Mexican Jewelry Show, featuring some of our most gorgeous vintage, antique, and contemporary … Read More

Featured Artists: Erin Crociani and Martha Rotten

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Join us this evening from 5-7 pm for light refreshments, convivial conversation, and a chance to view our featured artists Erin Crociani and Francene Yorko. Francene Yorko, more commonly known as Martha Rotten, creates lead-free pewter jewelry that “make your … Read More