Spotlight: Peruvian Shawl Pin from the 1920s

This is an exquisite silver spoon pin from Peru, made in the 1920s in the Peruvian highlands by the native people. The beautiful hand-hammered coin silver pin was used to fasten the manta or traditional women’s shawl.

The shawl was/is the ‘native backbag’ – aside from just wearing it around the shoulders, it’s still used for carrying groceries or baby. On the back side of the spoon there is a small hook for attaching the spoon part to your shawl or clothing.

The three-fold spoon has two small milagros or charms hanging from it – a spoon and a fork. Perhaps this is the prototype of spork? :) Joking aside, spoons and forks are used in South American crafts as symbol of hospitality and welcoming spirit.

This manta pin, decorated with a green glass bead, is for sale in our Eye’s Vintage shop.