Delicate Ruth Doron Jewelry from Israel

We got a package today from Moledet, a small, pleasant village at the north of Israel, between Mt.Tabor and Mt. Gilboa, full of beautiful silver jewelry designed by Ruth Doron. Above are her elaborate and delicate ring designs.

Some Israeli-originated jewelry – like the Angie Olami earrings above – have pieces of 2,000 year old roman glass, discovered in archeological excavations. Once the scientists are done examining the glass vessels, and if museums do not want to add them in their collections because they are broken, the artists are free to use them for making jewelry.

These rings are decorated with striking semi-precious gems such as the purple amethyst and the sparkly, light blue lab opal. We couldn’t have gotten this jewelry in at a better moment – just in time for Mother’s Day! Our Israeli jewelry is one of our best sellers and we see women in all walks of life fall in love with these pieces.