New Mexican Pottery from Gorky Gonzalez!

We got something fragile in the mail today… Pottery from Mexico! And not just any pottery but from the famous Gorky Gonzalez. He began as a painter and sculptor. However, in the early 60s he came across an antique piece of pottery imported from the Mediterranean and began experimenting with the double-glaze technique known as Majolica. Because of its association with Spanish colonialism, the technique had been abandoned in Mexico when they gained independence in the 1820’s.

“The notion of rescuing a forgotten craft – especially one so beautiful – was impossible to resist.” Gorky Gonzalez, source

Every piece of pottery that comes from the ceramic workshop of Gorky Gonzalez is handmade and hand-painted with lots of attention to detail. Here are some samples of the beautiful craft that arrived to Eye’s today:

Of course, this is just a small sampling – our first floor/basement is full of Mexican pottery and glassware. Now you know where to come for all your fragile needs! We welcome you with open arms! :)