Masai Inspiration

Isn’t this vintage choker exciting?! Fabulous? Majestic perfection of tribal, ceremonial tradition and color? YES! It’s handmade in Kenya by the Masai people and is great for both men and women. Here’s Danielle trying it on and embodying soulful hipster royalty.

The Masai are a semi-nomadic people located in Kenya and northern Tanzania. They are famous for their reputation as warriors and have a distinctive way of dressing, including their colorful bead jewelry.

The Masai tribe has inspired many in the world of art and fashion. British designers at Kokon To Zai call some of their clothing lines ‘Masai Punk’, mixing the Masai warrior tradition with futuristic punk-ish look:


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Other African items in our Etsy shop are brass earrings a matching brass pendant from Ghana, a carved stone pendant and a mudcloth dress from Mali.


Masai Warrior Blessing

Greetings heavenly dawn!

I come here, the blessed of the blessed, still resting beneath the tree

No wild animals or vultures’ wings will tamper with us
No rhino horns or sharp spears will separate us

I pray for prosperity

Let it come to us in slow, uphill motions
Let it come to stay

Wild beasts and vultures hush–your expectations were not met
for we are still alive

Bless us with babies and with cows
on the slopes and on the plains
when we seek and when we don’t

Give us prosperity by surprise

Keep us until the wrinkles of old age

Goodbye heavenly dawn, until tomorrow when we shall meet again in peace
and in the golden rays of prosperity

 From “Broken Spears, a Maasai jouney”, Elizabeth L. Gilbert