Folk Art Inspired Ethnic Home Decor

This is a gorgeous shrine in the home of someone who has superb taste in folk art. I came across the photo online and the closer I looked at it, the more I realized how we have pretty much everything you need to create such a look at your own home, available here in Eye’s Gallery.

"Green Altar" Installation by Laurie Beth Zuckerman

Baskets, antique furniture, ¬†wooden carvings of Christ on a cross, ceramic Virgin of Guadalupe wall hangings, paper flowers, beautiful vases, vintage retablos or religious tin paintings of baby Jesus, Virgin of Guadalupe and various saints… Even that sliver of a chair on the left side – yes, we have great Mexican chairs. The big heart milagro on the top right with a sword going through it – we have those. Painted, wooden crosses – check. Small, antique Indian deities – check. Nichos (metal frames) and old wooden frames… Pearls, beads, new and vintage to hang on the biggest cross – check. Votive candles – check. Large ceramic figures – check. Even the colorful, green candles – check!

So if you like the above look, come rummage through our three floors for same or similar items and create your own Mexican corner or shrine, showcasing beautiful folk art and handmade crafts.

In the above book ‘Nomad’ by Sibella Court (we have one copy left at the moment!) is an inspiring image of bedroom decoration with Indian tapestries, pillows, bedspreads and saris.

This is another look you can find the ingredients for right here at Eye’s: old saris, pillows, double sided vintage bed spreads, interesting lights, pitchers and bowls as well as antique furniture and other textiles!

The above pillow is $42, handmade quilted blankets $96-168

If you’re a fan of sleek, modern style you might enjoy a simple decor, spruced up with vibrant touches of ethnic fabrics:

We have a really cool pillow case that can work as a similar inspiration and basis for color choices around the room, using blue instead of orange:

Royal Indian family pillow case, $31.50

Hand-painted and beautifully carved small Moroccan tables are a great ethnic addition to your home decor.


We have tables in various sizes as well as brilliant, ornate spice racks:

Small $72, bigger $156

This spice rack is for sale on our Etsy shop, $275.

The more I look through interesting ethnic home decor photos, the more I realize how we have just the right elements to re-create or perfect the looks. I swear I could sit here well past our closing time (8pm on Saturdays) and well past midnight totally fascinated and excited about all the decorating and styling opportunities available!

We invite you most enthusiastically to come find some wonderful, new elements to spice up your home.

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