First Day of Winter Wonder Sale at Eye’s

Doesn’t this Hanna jacket and skirt suit look great on Marissa?! She got our newsletter about the sale and wanted to stop by later – and did in fact find something awesome. The belt completes the outfit perfectly.

Valerie got a tiny, shiny green bug pin that she mentioned she’s wanted for a while.

When we had a peaceful moment in the store, James painted two ceramic cherubs that he got yesterday at Eye’s.

Our manager Carole gave Bhakti a befitting Christmas present – Angel of Peace Barbie doll. So yesterday also marked Angel’s first day at work.

If we had this Classic Hardware unicorn bracelet in Angel’s size, she would totally get it – after all this bracelet is handmade in the USA and only $43.50 (normal price $58)!

Come see what great finds you’ll make at our Winter Wonder Sale!