Eye’s Gallery Through the Years

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In the autumn of this year, Eye’s Gallery will commemorate its 50th anniversary.  We are gearing up for a big celebration, which will culminate in an exhibition that will showcase decades of stories and photographs from our archives, but also, from you, our wonderful and devoted customers.  We invite the public to participate by sharing with us your memories or stories related to Eye’s Gallery from 1968 to the present in photographic or written form.  We ask that you provide the date if possible (year will suffice).  Written stories should be no longer than one page in length. We encourage hand-written accounts! You can either mail your submissions to us at 402 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147, email us (contact@eyesgallery.com), or drop them off in person.  Select stories and photographs will  be featured here on our blog, and/or in the  physical exhibition as well. We look forward to hearing your stories, and sharing our memories with you!

Scott Rothstein and Manuel Jiménez

Scott Rothstein writes to us of his introduction to the work of  of Manuel Jiménez, in 1980, sparking a lifelong love with the whimsical creations of the celebrated sculptor and originator of the Oaxacan carved alebrije . As Rothstein says, “For me, Jiménez was such a God :).” In 1980, he bought these pieces for $35 each from Eye’s Gallery, and, after 38 years, they are “still so dear to [his] heart.” We’re so glad to have made this connection!