Drastically Pink

We’re already dreaming of February 14th. Yes, Valentine’s Day. As usual, we’re not too subtle about things here at Eye’s. Take for example this blue wall, on the right when you walk into the store:

We thought it could use a bit of this:

Yes, that’s paint. Very hot, very pink paint. And of course when we paint walls pink, we do it right! James took that white stuff and diligently created little clouds to fill up holes left by hundreds of ┬ánails, screws and push pins.

And then was pink’s turn! (The picture doesn’t completely do justice to the real color.)

Karith took some of the oil cloth we sell and cut out beautiful hearts – what a genius idea!!

She filled the hearts with passion, infatuation, secret admiration and romance and attached them to the now pink wall in gravity defying ways that only people in love can understand.

Stop by Eye’s to see the rest of our lovely pink wall and come get infatuated with our other heartwarming Valentine’s displays that are starting to manifest in a few corners of the store.

PS. Dear darling, hear this whisper…all clothing in the store is still -30%, jewelry -25%, holiday ornaments and nativity scenes -50%! <3

PPS. Here’s our Valentine’s video!