Back from Mexico!

Back from Mexico!

The Zagars returned from Mexico last week laden with beautiful works of folk art, jewelry, clothing, pictures, stories and more!

They visited the beautiful mosaics of Trish Metzner, in Zacatlan de las Manzanas.  Metzner has been working with a team of Mexican artists and volunteers for more than 2 years to complete a 300 foot mural that surrounds Zacatlan’s oldest cemetery.


The Zagars delved into the exquisite world of Mexican textiles in Oaxaca,


met with revered artists Josefina Aguilar and Jose Antonio Garcia,

and brought home a treasure trove of beautiful handcrafted jewelry.


Not to mention some extraordinary folk art pieces, milagros, T-shirts, and more. Stop in to see what’s new and extraordinary in the shop!