Art By Any Means Jewelry

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From the Rocky Shores of Massachusetts “Art By Any Means” Forges Art and Fashion into Singular Jewelry


We’ve been selling Vanessa Gilbert’s Art By Any Means jewelry for two years now and shoppers continue to be delighted by her one-of-a-kind pieces. It’s hard not to be! Each earring, necklace, and bracelet leads you through a labyrinth of carefully curved metal holding hand selected crystals and gemstones by Gilbert. Art By Any Means is designed by Vanessa Gilbert in her studio in the seaside town of Gloucester, Massachusetts and handcrafted by the local townspeople. Gilbert is very proud to design and produce her pieces in Gloucester, one of America’s original seaports and home to the oldest working art colony in North America. It’s no surprise that inspiration should spring effortlessly from a community like this but Gilbert stretches further onto the coast where she unearths crystals and gemstones including smoky quartz, carnelian, lapis, cape amethyst, and dravite tourmaline to form her beautiful designs.