An Early Customer Becomes a Lifelong Friend

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Betsy Augustine Van Dyke writes to us of her earliest memory of Eye’s Gallery:

Congratulations Julia and Isaiah..!! I remember when I first saw a sign of life in your building. I was walking from our house on Pine St. to buy some fabric in a South Philly store. As I recall, there was a curtain in the window which had been pulled back about a foot to show something?? and I was very excited to see that sign of life because South Street had become a kind of dead zone due to the threatened Cross-Town Expressway. I must have been one of your first customers and I made you my life-long friends!! One of my first Eyes Gallery purchases, a large, carved wooden chicken, made in Peru, still enhances my hearth.
Good luck for the next 50 years and lots of love-
Betsy Augustine Van Dkye