A Memento of Friendship

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We received this lovely note and photo all the way from Louisiana:
Happy Anniversary to your Eyes Gallery! Here is one of the many mementos of our friendship! When I have finished my comida there you are Isaiah but where is Julia? Best wishes for a wonderful celebration!!! Love from Sylvia Perkins in Lafayette, Louisiana
Julia recounts that this plate was made from a drawing by Isaiah circa 1975 in the workshop of Jorge Wilmot. Julia and Isaiah had been living in the town of Ajijic, Jalisco for the summer, and traveled into Tonalá to work with the distinguished ceramicist. Wilmot has been credited with the introduction of stoneware and other high fire techniques to Mexican artisans, which ultimately revolutionized ceramics production in Mexico.  He was also a proponent of combining pre-Hispanic designs and motifs with modern elements and international influences.