10% Off Deal for Attendees of Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention!

Show us your ticket stub/wristband from the Convention and get a 10% discount on your purchase!

Thousands of tattoo lovers gather from around the country at Pennsylvania Convention Center this weekend for the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention.¬†They have music, burlesque, pin-up and tattoo contests and about 300 world’s best tattoo artists ready to get under your skin.

In Eye’s Gallery we feel the ink tsunami approaching and already yesterday had bunch of tattoo artists and convention goers browse our three floors of inspirational art, clothing and jewelry.

Here are a few tattooey things that popped out to me today…

Temporary Guadalupe and Heart tattoos in front of the mirror :)

De Luxe necklaces from Amsterdam.

This Steampunk Gramophone vanity case art is made by the LA Ink star and famous tattoo artist Hannah Aitchison. I heard the waiting list to get a tattoo by her ranges from 6 months to 2 years. Good news is, you can get this vanity case today. AND, it’s on sale for $27 (was $36)!

Happy Tattoo Convention Weekend!