Cool Customers, Awesome Staff

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We don’t have to tell you how special our customers are- you already know that you guys rock!  But once in awhile, we come across someone that really, almost literally seems to belong here.  This was the case the other … Read More

Carole’s holiday gift pick

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Carole and her little pal Rebecca decided today to choose our awesome Classic Hardware rings as their gift pick for the holiday season.  Classic Hardware, as you may know, mixes low-brow, high-brow and pop surrealism to make the gorgeous paintings … Read More

Have You Started Decorating Your Christmas Tree??

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Here at Eye’s, we’ve been decorating our store with beautiful ornaments.  Plus we have a Christmas Tree of Masks, which I’m totally in love with: We have started decorating it too! But yeah, check out some of our super-amazingly-awesome ornaments!

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